iOS usage over android (a tiny measurement)

On my site the 75% of traffic is about music sheet in pdf. I suppose is not biased towards an os. I wondered if iOS usage is indeed much higher than android as Apple and others are claiming. (short answer: Yes, but the trend maybe is changing)

Here is the statistics from my website. At first only mobile oses. First iOS, second android, third Windows Phone
A look at desktop oses with mobile. Fist Windows, second Linux, third iOS, fourth Android, fifth Macintosh, sixth unknown, seventh Windows Phone
Let's return to the mobile (manufacturers) Mobile manufacturers usage: Apple, Unknown, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Huawei, Sony, LG, Nokia
Devices by model
and the last-one. Browsers. First Chrome, Second Firefox, Third Internet Explorer, Fourth Safari, Fifth Android browser and sixth opera.

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